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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Management

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Rotman Commerce
Chris Boaird

Chapter 2 Management NotesTheProductivityQualityConnectionProductivity is a measure of efficiency that compares how much is produced based on the resources usedoUsing resources more efficiently would mean that bigger quantity of goods is producedthoCanada ranks 17 in productivity With productivity about 75 of the USsoRelies on exports of natural resources rather than enhanced finished goodsoOutputinputQuality is a products fitness for use based on offering the features that consumers wantMeasuringProductivityFour factors affect quality and productivity customers quality productivity and profitscqppLabour Productivity is partial productivity ratio calculated by gross domestic product total number of workersFirms that compete internationally seemed to have more incentives to be more productiveProductivityamongGlobalCompetitorsHigher productivity allowsoGreater profits for the same priceoLower prices for customersoService industries tend to be less productive than industries producing goodsDuring 2003 to 2004 Canadas output per hour increased 29 percentoThis is lower than koreas 121 percent and United States 52 percentLong term productivity increases From 1979 to 2004 were 26 percentoThis is lower than United States 41 percent and Sweden 47 percentDifferences lie in factors such as technologies human skills economic policies and natural resources then
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