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Rotman Commerce
Marion Laurence

CHAPTER ONE LAW SOCIETY AND BUSINESSTHE ROLE OF LAW What does law doIt influences and controls the behaviour of individuals in society to protect person property and society as a whole It empowers influences and controls the actions of government It influences and controls interaction between individuals Rule of law established principles that treat all persons equally and that government itself obeysPublic law law that regulates the conduct of government and the relations between government and private personsPrivate law law that regulates the relations between private persons and groups of private persons Legal liability responsibility for the consequences of breaking the lawTypes of legal liability Criminal liability responsibility arising from commission of an offence against the government or society as a wholeex murderRegulatory or quasicriminal liability breaches of less serious rules of public law often enforced through specialized regulatory tribunals set up by the government for specific purposesex driving Civil liability breach of private law enforced through a law suit initiated by the victimex paying rent LAW AND BUSINESS Nongovernmental organizations voluntary nonprofit associations of private individuals or groups working together to influence policy raise awareness or affect chang
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