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Chapter 12 Power Power: capacity to influence others in state of dependence Ind’l Power Bases Legitimate – hierarchy, military has established levels of command w/ uniforms and rituals; works when people socialized to accept influence (ie parents) Reward: provide pos out comes/ prevent neg - managers given power to give raises, promotions, assign tasks, praise, compliments Coercive – managers permitted to dock pay, assign unfavourable tasks, block promotions Referent Power – role models, seek their approval, points of view Expert - consistently associated with employee effectiveness Obtain Power By: - excellent performance in extraordinary activities - visible activities - Relevant activities – contribute to solution Cultivating the Right People - outsiders - subordinates - peers - superiors Empowerment: giving people the authority, opportunity, motivation to take initiative and solve org problems Influence Tactics: used to convert power into actual influence over others - assertiveness, ingratiation (flattery, polite), rationality (logic, reason, planning), exchange (trade favours), upward appeal (formal/informal appeals to org superiors for intervention. Coalition formation (seek support from org members) institutional managers – for good of institution personal power manager – personal gain affiliate manager – being liked over power Subunit Power: degree of power held by various org subunits, dept Strategic Contingencies: critical factors affecting org effectiveness that are controlled by key subunit Conditions which subunits control strategic contingencies: - scarcity – jockeying for resources - uncertainty – shifts in power - centrality – units more central to work flow more power - substitutability – less power if others can perform their job Org Politics: pursuit of self-interest in org, whether or not it corresponds to org goals I Sanctioned Means/Sanctioned ends – nonpo
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