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University of Toronto St. George
Rotman Commerce
William Mc Conkey

Social Media Engagement: Reviews and comments - Encourage customers to write - Online marketing is continuing to gain product reviews to earn store points popularity Get customers to 'like' your featured product, blog post, - Internet enables companies to grow and gain or company market share Generates higher volume - Targeted towards everyone, especially younger Entices consumers to “like” page and engage generation Captures greater attention when consumers benefit - Fundamental channel because it provides -Free car tires or coupons knowledge and information - One year warranty - Dodge to utilize the Internet as an effective - Discount on oil changes marketing tool Twitter: Number of Users (Updated as of July 14, 2013): Twitter provides leverage - Facebook – 1.11 billion Physical word of mouth has now become “world of - Youtube – 1 billion, 4 billion views per day mouth” - Twitter – 500 million Current Strategies: - Google+ - 343 million Perks of Dodge Dart - LinkedIn – 225 million Limited tweets/followers - Instagram – 130 million Enhance audience exposure: - Flickr – 87 million More blog posts, reviews, and comments Share new information SOCIAL MEDIA  EXPOSURE (EAP): More visuals • The power of social media marketing: Give followers shout outs • Interaction with existing customers Contest – best hashtag, win prices when #dodgedart is • Reaching out to prospects way beyond used the company’s networkowadays, Create credible page with valuable content • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Visual tweets are viral Pinterest Use it as a source of advertising features of Dodge Dart • Communicating with their customers: Post pictures that will intrigue consumers • Offer information Focus on positive visual features of the Dart • Photos and videos on Dart model Tweet about current promotions and offerings • General automotive news Consumers always want to know about savings • Events
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