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Rotman Commerce
Basak Yanar

Chapter 13Conflict and Stresspg 448454MODES OF MANAGING CONFLICTyou are in trying toapproaches to managing conflict are a function of both how assertivesatisfy your owngroups concerns and how cooperative you are in trying to satisfy those of the other party or group Avoidinglow assertiveness of ones own interests and low cooperation with the other partydoes not change the situationeffectiveness is limited Accommodatingone cooperates with the other party while not asserting ones own interests Competingmaximizes assertiveness for you own position and minimize cooperative responseswonlose termswhen hv power and sure of facts Compromisecombines intermediate levels of assertiveness and cooperationeg plea bargainrules of exchange between two partiesdoes not always result in the most creative response to conflictnot useful for conflicts from power asymmetrygood for scarce resources Collaboratingmaximizes both assertiveness and cooperationwinwin resolutionwhen problem is not intense and each party has useful info to the otherenhances productivity and achievementtakes time MANAGING CONFLICT WITH NEGOTIATIONNegotiationa decisionmaking process among interdependent parties who do not share identical preferencesprevent conflictresolve existing conflict Distributive negotiationwinlose negotiation in which a fixed amount of assets is divided between partiescompetingcompromiseaccommodat
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