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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Job Satisfaction A collection of attitudes that workers have about their jobs I. Two Aspects: Facet Satisfaction: the tendency for an employee to be more or less satisfied with various facets of the jobs Overall Satisfaction: Indicator of a persons’ attitude toward his or her job that cuts across the vaiour facets. Assessment: Job descriptive Index (JDI): Minnesota Saisfaction Questionnaire(MSQ): II. Determinants Theory 1.Discrepancy Theory: job satisfaction stem from the difference between the outcomes wanted and the outcomes that are perceived to be obtained----大多数 情况下就是理想和现实的差距 Theory2. Fairness ⑴ Distributive Fairness: the degree to which the outcomes they receive from organization are fair Equity Theory: ⑵ Procedual Fairness: The degree to which the decision-making procedure is fair 尤其与待遇分配 outcome 相关! Should: follow consistent procedure over time and across people; use accurate and unbiased information; allow two-way communicate; ⑶ Interactional Fairness The degree to which people are treated with repect,dignity and kindess in interpersonal interaction. Note: procedual and interactional fairness and to some extent offset the negative effect of distributive unfairness Theory 3. Disposition---Big Five
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