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Chapter 8

RSM100Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Flight Simulator, Repetitive Strain Injury, Canadian Human Rights Act

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RSM 100Y – Chapter 8: Managing Human Resources
Human Resource Management
Set of activities aimed at recruiting, and maintaining an efficient workforce.
Human Resource Planning
Job Analysis: Determining the specific duties and qualities required for a job
Job Description: Outlines objectives/responsibilities for a job, skills required, relationship
to other positions, conditions under which the job will be performed
Job Specification: Specific skills, education, training that is required
Forecasting HR Demands
Based on sales forecast, or trends in the past within the company… must examine:
Internal Supply of Labour – People in house who could do the job
External Supply of Labour – People outside who could do the job
Replacement Chart – Tells who holds a position, for how long, and their replacement
Skills Inventories – Keeps track of training, education, skills, experience and career path
Recruiting Human Resources
Internal Recruiting – Looking at present employees to fill new positions
External Recruiting – Attracting people outside an organization to apply for a job
Internships – Short-term paid position for students to focus on specific project
Selecting Human Resources
Application Forms – Gather relevant data about an applicant
Tests – Evaluate their skills, abilities, competencies, education
Assessment Centre – A series of tasks and small tests over a period of time to get a
more complete evaluation of a candidate; can also be done via video skits
Interviews – Once all checks are passed, they meet with the HR people
Loosing effectiveness as people are good at giving the “right” answers all the time
Testing becoming more effective
Steps to selecting employees:
Application Interview #1 Test References Interview #2 Hire me!
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