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Stephen Scharper

Sept 30, 2010 “The Mountains of California - A Near View of the High Sierra” John Muir  John Muir set forth in embarking on an adventure, and decided to climb a mountain  He loved nature and was a traveller of nature  He wanted to bring colour and brushes on his climb so he could learn how to paint and paint the landscapes he saw  First ppl he met while on his journey were 2 artists  Mount. Ritter is king of the mountains of the middle portion of High Sierra  On his 1 day he just climbed “simply mountaineering indulgence” and overlooked everything he was passing, streams, birds, animal habitats etc  NTS *he’s very descriptive in how he describes things his writing is like art, precise/detailed*  “how glorious a greeting from the sun gives the mountains, this alone is worth the pains of any excursions a thousand times over”  He met green shrubs (cassiope) growing in fringes among the battered rocks ”no evangel among the mountain plants speaks nature’s love more than cassiope  He got on foot of a cliff and saw an avalanche, he followed it as far as possible, the situation he put himself in became more dangerous as the avalanche became dangerous to follow  “I
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