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Nov. 11 2010 Homo Sapiens: Born of the Earth  Human beings have survived because we possess certain traits that have helped us secure a place on earth  Our sense of awareness cannot compete with other animals; we can’t hear as well as bat or smell as well as a dog  Brain weighing 1.5 kilograms, occupies space 2 fists, 100 billion neurons THE BRAIN’S NEED FOR ORDER  Some scientists compare the brain to a relay station that merely coordinates incoming signals and outgoing responses  Francois Jacob the human mind has a built-in need to create order out of the constant flow of information coming from its sensory organs. I.O.Wthe brain creates a narrative, with a beginning middle and end, a temporal sequence that makes sense of events  The brain selects and discards info to be used in the narrative, constructing connections and relationships that create a web of meaning  A narrative reveals : what happened and it explains why it happened  When the mind selects and order incoming info into meaning its telling itself a story WEAVING A WORLDVIEW  Worldviewa story whose subject for each group is the world and everything in it  a world in which human beings are deeply and inextricably immersed  Past, present and future form a continuum in which generations inherit a world shaped by their ancestors and sets a new world for their future generations THE COPERNICAN REVOLUTION  Nicolaus Copernicus rep. a new view of the cosmos and humanity’s place in it  his story had the sun at its centre, circled by attendant planets  Galileo  announced the discoveries he had made through his “optic tube” about the nature of the moon, the composition of the milky way and the new starts circling Jupiter  Isaac Newton”the cosmos is like an immense clock a complex mechanism whose basic components could be revealed and examined through scn”.  “Nature is a machine and is no more than the sum of its parts”  the natural world is knowable, adjustable, manageable and belongs to the ppl who control it  Charles Darwinhumans came from apes and chimps  Decarte i think therefore i am brings about self-awareness  Donaled R Griffen Human consciousness and subjective feelings are so obviously important and useful to us that it seems unlikely that they are unique to a single species SEVERING THE CONNECTIONS  Traditional worldviews see the universe as a whole  Scientists focus on parts of nature, attempting to isolate each fragment and control the factors impinging on it  The Newtonian method of understanding a whole system by adding together properties of its parts has turned out to be flawed  At the most elementary level of matter, physicists examining parts of atoms early in this century created a solar-system like model with discrete protons and neutrons at the centre of analogous to the sun, and electrons orbiting the nucleus like the planet. quantum mechanics destroyed this comforting model by replacing it with an atomic image whose components could only be predicted statically  the position of a particle could not be defined with absolu
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