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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Stephen Scharper

September 30, 2010 “Walking” Henry David Thoreau Notes  Regard a man as an inhabitant or a part of nature, rather than a member of society  There’re enough champions and conquerors or land and civilization, the minister, school committee etc.  Sauntering = walking, exploring, traveling on foot free from all worldly engagements  Secret of successful sauntering = having no particular home but being equally at home everywhere in nature.  “If you are ready to leave your family and never see them again, if u’ve paid all your debts and made your will and settled your affairs then you are ready for a walk” almost like you’re going on a peaceful journey to heaven or a different kingdom, that is what nature can be like a peaceful walk/journey.  No wealth can buy the leisure, freedom and independence which are the capital in this profession (sauntering). It comes only by the grace of God  “...walks in which they were so blessed as to lose themselves for a half an hour in the woods, but I know very well that they have confined themselves to the highway ev
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