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Stephen Scharper

Hazardous Waste Policy, community movements and the politics of NIMBY pg 175-190  1970 + 1980s =oil spills and nuclear disaster at Chernobyl  As the public became increasingly aware of the extent to which chemicals now pollute the env there has been an anxiety described as chemophobia  One of the clearest manifestations of this anxiety is the NIMBY attitude that ppl would rather have waste be dumped anywhere else except there backyard ppl c themselves as victims and c their quality of life threatened the frustration is the only thing that these ppl have in common (ppl in NIMBY) they don’t seek to do petitions, or protests, etc  Solution to risk assessment and waste dumping is to provide more info  Some ppl see risk assessment to be a strategy designed to deflect the env mvnt’s ability to rally political support against mounting hazardous risks  Env democracy has become a basic component of what has come to b called the env justice mvnt activists committed to env justice have emerged to challenge the social injustices associated with mainstream env policy particularly as they have pertained to class race and gender basic to the mvnt has been the forging of new forms of grassroots political org based on env democracy understood in the words of one writer as the right of the public participate in decisions about tech  Technical rationality =a mindset that puts faith in empirical evidence and the scn method, appeals to experts for justifying policy decisions values logical consistency and universality of findings and judges non quantifiable impacts to be irrelevant to political decision making  Cultural rationality= emphasies the opinions of traditional an
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