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Env 200 chapter one  Env=the totality of surrounding circumstances for a defined locations o Means diff things to diff ppl  ¼ ppl globally live in poverty (extreme) less than $2 a day o 1.2 world =living like ^^ this  Avg birthrate=2.7 children  Estimate 7.9 bill-10.9 bill end of 21 century  Population increases due to consumption and economic growth o Its unevenly distributed  Natural resources: naturally substances that are considered valuable in their relatively unmodified or natural form o Ex: land and raw materials  Eco footprint = measures humanity demand on nature o In 2005 global eco fp =2.7 gha per person yet the biocapacity was 2.1 per person  Canada eco fp = 7.1 hectares U.S = 9.4  Env sustainability =meeting our needs w/o taking from the needs of the future generations o Its based on: considering the effects of our actions o Live within limits of resources o Understands the cost of our actions o Share responsibility  Env issues: threatened oceans, deforestation, polar ice cap, pollutions, desertification, global warming  3 factors interact to promote sustainable development o Sound env decisions  Not harm/deplete resources o Eco viable decisions  Consider all costs including long term o Socially equitable decisions  Reflect needs of society and equality by all groups  Sustainable consumption
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