ENV200 Chap 3 Notes Textbook Notes (Human Populations)

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School of Environment
Karen Ing

ENV200 Chapter 3Human Populations 1Population ecology y Number of individuals of a particular species found in an area and why those numbers increasedecrease over time y Studies how a population responds to its environment and how individuals in a given population compete for food or other resources Birth rate b y Rate at which individual organisms produce offspringy Expressed asof births per 1000 people per year Death rate d y Rate at which individual organisms diey Expressed asof deaths per 1000 people per year Growth Rate r y Rate of change increasedecrease of a populations size y Growth rate of a populationrbdy If organisms in population are born faster than they die growth rate is more than zero and population size increases y Disperalo Movement from one region to anothero Affects local populationso Immigration iIndividuals enter a population and increase in sizeeIndividuals leave a population decrease its sizeo Emigrationy Growth rate of a loca
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