ENV200 Chap 1 Notes Textbook Notes (The Environment)

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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Karen Ing

ENV200 Chapter 1The Environment 1Consumption y Human use of material and energy y Rate of resource consumption affects environment just as much as explosion of population Economic growthexpansion in output of a nations goods and services Highly developed countries y Highly industrialized y Have low rates of population growth y High per person incomes y Known as rich countries like Canada the US and Japan y Individual demands on natural resources are far more than requirements for mere survivaly Generate 75 of worlds pollution and waste Moderately developed countries y Per person incomes lower than those of highly developed countries y Ex Turkey Mexico and South AfricaLess developed countries LDCs y Low levels of industrialization and very low per person incomes y Very high rates of population growth infant mortality rates y Economies are mostly agriculturally basedy Ex Mali Bangladesh and
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