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Chapter 10

ENV200 Chap 10 Notes Textbook Notes (Atmospheric Environment)

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University of Toronto St. George
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Karen Ing

ENV200 Chapter 10Atmospheric Environment 1Atmospherey Screens out harmful incoming solar radiation and cosmic rays y Nitrogen 78 and oxygen 21 are largest contributors of gases to atmospherey 500 km above Earths surface which vary in altitude and temperature y Composed of 4 major concentric layerso Troposphere Stratosphere Mesosphere Thermospherey Atmospheric pressureo Force exerted by column of air molecules located above a surface o Declines exponentially with altitude Relative humidityy Amount of moisture present in atmosphere in relation to amount the atmosphere can hold given the present temperaturey Deserts have very low relative humidity while tropical regions have very high Electromagnetic spectrum y Entire range of electromagnetic radiation including gamma xray ultraviolet visible infrared microwave and radio y Highfrequency shortwave lengths of energy are more energetic than lower frequency long wavelengthsy Earth surfaces absorb portions of infrared radiationultravioletvisible light y Plants use portions of visible light in reactions of photosynthesis to produce glucose y 23 of incoming solar radiationabsorbed by atmosphere lando
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