ENV200 Chap 5 Notes Textbook Notes (Ecosystems)

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School of Environment
Karen Ing

ENV200 Chapter 5Ecosystems 1y Terrestrial land base of Earth is about 148940000 square kilometersy Canada has 6 of the worlds total land areaEcology y Study of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their abiotic environment y Study of environment or ones housey Consist of 2 partsbiotic living includes all organisms and abiotic nonliving includes physical factors such as living space temperature sunlight soil wind and precipitationPopulation y Group of organisms of the same species that live and interact together in same area at same time Community y Natural association that consists of all populations of different species that live and interact together within an area at same time Ecosystem y Biotic communities and their associated abiotic components that interact in a defined geographic area y All biological physical and chemical components form a very complicated interacting network of energy flow and materials cycling y Humans are considered to be a component of an ecosystem as they draw the line indicating where an ecosystem begins and ends o Ex humans might designate a lake as one ecosystem and the adjacent forest as another but in reality these 2 regions are interacting with one another Feedback Loop y Chain of cause and effect responses where output from an event influences the same event in the future to form a loopy Circular processes where output in a system serves as input to that same systemy Positive or negative refers to direction of change y Positive feedback loopo Promotes change and becomes more pronounced in ecosystem over timeo Ex loss of precipitation results in a loss of forest which in turn further promotes an additional loss of available moisture y Negative feedback loopo Reduce or inhibit change and over time help stabilize the system o Ex as population of prey like rabbits increase in an ecosystem predator populations also increase due to availability of more food
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