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Chapter 11

SOC208H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Parental Leave, Takers

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Article Summary Week 11 (words count:266)
This week’s readings highlight the role how social policy decides gender division of labor in
childcare. The article “Work in Progressshows a common situation that women are experiencing
earning loss when they become mothers. The authors explain how social work policy differ in
countries causes the female penalties in childcare. The research finds well-paid moderate length work-
family policy leads to less earning policies. On the other hand, long leaves and low benefits policy
turns more penalties for female. This article also concludes the countries characteristics, like wealth,
population and culture also affect mother earning differences. Depending on the parenthood
difference, Erin conducts her research on malesinitial experience of parenting to explain gender
division labor in childcare. There are three theories, relative resources, time availability and gender
ideology in explaining how resources, time and attitudes forms gender difference. Regarding to family
leave, Erin compares policies in USA, Canada and Quebec. Her research findings conclude the role
how male help address gender inequality. More importantly, the leave-taking has a positive impact for
fathers to acquire responsibility through the transition to parenthood. Furthermore, the article explains
how Canada and Quebec policy increase the malesincentives to take leaves. The shared weeks of
parental leave policy encourages males to take equal responsibility in childcare. Finally, under gender
ideology theory, the authors explore how males usually become non-leave takers in child care. Fathers
initial understanding of parenting decide whether they extend parental leave. As non-leave takers,
father can be more supportive for satisfying economic need. In general, the articles show the
importance of gender division of labor in parenthood.
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