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Chapter 1

SOC367H1 Chapter 1: SOC367- CH 1

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Chikako Nagayama

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Lecture 1 Readings
The race to innocence: confronting hierarchical relations among women - Fellows and Razack
when a woman is entrenched in her own belief that she is solely in an oppressed
position that she fails to acknowledge that she is also in a position of domination and
also contributes to the oppression or the subordination of other women
We do not realize or wish to acknowledge that as women we also take on the role of the
oppressor of other (more marginalized) women
Interlocking: systems rely on each other in complex ways- we cannot consider one
system without the other and thus must disrupt ALL systems for defeat
One must address all systems in order to rid of her subordination status
Toehold on respectability: women exercise their dominance in attempt to gain respect
in their subordinate position
Women are now aware of and know their position of oppressing other women however
they seldo feel it
Conference anecdote from authorsFew women were able to recognize the violence of
prostitution or that their resistance is partly due to the fact that they are in a position of
privilege and they are able to gain in that position by rejecting and denying the violence
of prostitution // as such the denial serves to maintain the violence
Race to innocence: women challenged about their domination respond by calling
attetio to their o oppressio … depedig o if the oa is prepared to
subordinate herself
There is no productive reason as to attempting to determine who is the most oppressed
but rather we need to realize that even though we hold a subordinate position it does
not mean that we do not also hold a dominant position as well thus abandon
positions of innocence
Competing marginalities
1) secure position as oppressed in order to shed light of oppression or else it will
continue to carry on in an invisible light in the marginalized lives
2) reogizig o argiality is the first step to lieratio; fousig o oe’s o
subordination only= productive defensive response to oppression
3) taking on the school of thought of the dominant group due to lack of experience of
another subordinate group has experienced- just because you have not gone through X
does mean you should deny its existence
Failing to see our position of dominance impedes our ability to remove our own
We must understand that all systems work together and they cannot be viewed as
individual systems
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