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Textbook Notes for Lina Samuel

UTSGSOC101Y1Lina SamuelFall

SOC101Y1 Chapter Notes -Rideau Canal, Deindustrialization, Industrial Revolution

OC73143 Page
28 Oct 2012
Industrialization: aspect of accumulation and processing of resources. An industrial society has sources of energy like coal/electricity fueling a prod
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UTSGSOC101Y1Lina SamuelWinter

SOC101Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Power Balance, Resource Mobilization, Scientism

OC9399011 Page
7 Mar 2013
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UTSGSOC101Y1Lina SamuelFall

SOC101Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Tokenism, Profe, Trade Union

OC73147 Page
28 Oct 2012
Yet on the other hand the persistence of major work-related gender inequities. x the persistence of inequity between men and women in the labour force
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UTSGSOC101Y1Lina SamuelFall

SOC101Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Homophily, Tokenism, Human Capital

OC73142 Page
28 Oct 2012
Ser well-paid, meaning, long-term benefits (pension, health), safety, security, career advancement (good job) Social class john porter debunk a classne
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UTSGSOC101Y1Lina SamuelSummer

SOC101Y1 Chapter Notes -Social Fact, Protestant Work Ethic, Symbolic Interactionism

OC73146 Page
25 May 2012
D analyzed how growth of industries/ cities lowers social solidarity contributing to social instability. Instability= ^ suicide: argues social structur
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