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Chapter 325

SOC101Y1 Chapter 325: Sexualities 325

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Sheldon Ungar

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Sexualities 325-357
Identifiable group those who experienced hate crime as a result of the perceived sexual
I hate crime laws is intended to protect not only specific groups but also our national
value system of multiculturalism
the law sends the message that prejudice is no excuse and that the courts nation do not
agee that’s soe people desee a eatig o worse because of their skin color race
race ethnicity religion or sexuality
added foundation hate crimes are specifically identified as distinct from other forms of
crime because they inflict disproportionate harm on the victims(exceeds harm inflicted
on individuals has as its goal to intimidate and or injured an entire community)
three distinct characteristics that separate hate crime from regular crime. First hate
ie attaks of ouse eah of the iti’s idetit ith the ipliatio eig that
there is nothing that being the victim of an attack. Second hate crimes negatively impact
the entire community by making other members of the vulnerable groups fear for their
safety and security. Finally research on the extent of injury and other regions that hate
crime so that where a crime is motivated by hate the injuries and damage inflicted on
victims are more severe than in cases of crime not motivated by particular hatred
lobby groups and activists are hard at work to have Bill C 389 passed into law the bill
introduced by NDP MP Bill Sykes see 16 include both gender identity and gender
expression of prohibited grounds for discrimination and to make pie decline based on
gede idetit ad gede epessio sujet to puishet ude Caada’s hate
crime law. The bill passed the report states on December 8, 2010 at the House of
Commons level.
Gender identity the gender that a person feels him a herself to be sometimes gender
idetit is o uite did’t ith oe’s a siged se at But ad soeties oe’s gede
identity is more fluid fourth can be opposite to what the sex of rearing
gender expression how we express our gender as masculine and feminine tomboys
sexual orientation the identification of individuals as heterosexual bisexual or
homosexual based on their emotional and sexual attractions relationships self identity
and lifestyle
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transgendered individuals persons who do not fit neatly into either the male white
female categories but whose behavior is not congruent with the rules and expectations
for their sex in the society in which they live
there is some controversy over how people categorized cabins in transsexual persons
and what distinguishes the concept
David Valentine which these times arose what they describe who gets to use and for
what purposes about time explain that the term transgender transsexual by judicial
interest social scientist at health workers of separating the previously administered
concept of gender is such reality. Thousands account helps explain why some people
quite and if I ask transsexual have not had an do not listen wish to have surgery to affect
the movement from one sex to the other for these people the separation of gender and
sexuality as an pulls from the outside does not reflect their lives of the experience that
valentines analysis reveals that the adoption of transgender and trans sex has occurred
mostly in circles of socio economic privilege where people are able to use concepts in
order to gain access to health benefits order political rights lobbying but that many
people who are gender variant find that the subtle overlapping of their experiences of
sexuality gender class and race cannot be capturing by either term.
Much of the current scholarship and social activism regarding the treatment and
political and social agendas of lesbigays also includes trans identified persons hence the
current GL BT is often used to affect collectively to gays lesbians bisexuals and
transgendered individuals.
Lesbigays collective term sometimes used to refer to lesbians gays and bisexuals
Heteronormative consumption more carefully include questioning of the idea that
people are naturally heterosexual and moving mean that way unless something goes
An example of this is the heterosexual questionnaire
same-sex behavior and love relationships have existed throughout human history and
most perhaps all societies.
Legal penalties for violating the law that prohibited same sexual acts being tendencies
individual found guilty of engaging in same-sex sexual behavior may receive the death
penalty. And Brazil gay lesbian bisexual or transgendered individual is murdered on the
average of every two days.
I Jue 2000 to thousad Caada eated ill the’ll eteded to sae-sex couples
and married heterosexual couples who have lived together for at least a year all the
benefits and obligations of married couples
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