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Chapter 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Margaret Gassanov;

OCT.15 Lecture SER—well-paid, meaning, long-term benefits (pension, health), safety, security, career advancement (good job)  Life chance as discussed by Weber  Social class—John Porter debunk a classness society in Canada. i.e. middle-class mothers more egalitarian; lower-class is more traditional, socialize children specifically to their gender, take on father’s occupation. Upper-class tendency to marry daughters, conform to the traditional lower-class, and high level of gender segregated education. Human Capital Model is a functionalist view: the more dangerous the job, the higher the wage; singular open market allows competition for all. Krah’s human capital model of labour processes: education attainment and job requirement disregard uneven playing ground competing for jobs, inability to translate skills and credentials into jobs. Ignores family firms and inheritance of position, effort and hard-work doesn’t mean getting a good job, SES position of racism and sexism. Monopoly Capitalism—Marx’s capital, the battle of competition is fought by cheapening of the commodity. Structural barriers of labour market: Charlie Le Duff, racial hierarchy at the plant and outside the plant. Jobs were assigned based on skin tones, work
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