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Karl Marx and Capitalism Main prediction: fall of capitalism replaced by a communist world society Key ideas and methods to Marxist analysis of society - the process by which people meet their basic needs constitute the foundation of social organization mode of production  relations of production  society base  superstructures - DIALECTICAL METHOD: process of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis , continue until perfection is reached - mode/reations of production 4 stages : haunting and gathering AT: low standard of living, slavery AT: force, feudalism AT: static, capitalism AT: promoted class relations - fifth and final stage would be advanced communism - In Canada the Land Act of 1841 made it very expensive for immigrants to by land forcing them into labor to promote capitalism because we didn’t have feudalism etc. - Class issues ~ capitalism divides the classes causes ALIENTATION where people feel powerless, meaningless, isolated, and self-estrangement Capitalism = theory of exchange of productive labor like a bartering system. The value of goods reflect the amount of human labor that go into them. Capitalists interest MONEY – COMODITIY-- MORE MONEY Only way to make more money is through labor power because human labor can produce more than its own value = surplus value 3 strategies 1) Extend working hours per day per week LIMIT- exhausted workers are less efficient 2) Depress real wages by raising commodities LIMIT – workers need to be able to afford to buy commodities to live. 3) Labor saving technology that beats the average labor time LIMIT- eventually other companies will get the same eliminating their u
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