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Adam Green

SOC101 GENDER AND SEXUALITY  Differences in sex organs by 14 week  Biological sex vs. sociological gender  Gender identity vs. gender role  Sexual identity vs. sexual orientation  Sexual orientation: the way a person derives sexual pleasure, whether with same or different sex.  Gender identity: One’s identification with, or sense of belonging to, a particular sex—biologically, psychologically, and socially.  Transgender & transsexual  Eichler: transgendered are seen “in between” by people.  Evidence suggests that, if gender reassignment is before 18mo, it tends to be successful.  Sexuality: what leads to erotic arousal and produce genital response?  Sexual scripts: whom, when, where, and what is ok to be sexual.  Compulsory heterosexuality: “individuals should desire only the opposite sex”.  MALES: their rights to physical, economic, and emotional access to women.  FEMINISTS: take extreme position that women should reject heterosexuality since is based on inequality, and it perpetuates male dominance.  Quebec and BC are more accepting on homosexuality.  Masculinity is more likely to be assessed in terms of status and power than physical attractiveness.  Quid pro quo sexual harassment: make conditions for employment.  Hostile environment sexual harassment: unfriendly at work.  Sexual pluralism : - There’s a need to regulate sexual behaviour. - Only by their meaning for the participants. - It encourages people to see sexuality positively, as a means of achieving greater pleasure, freedom of expression, and self-realization (consider pornography). - Pornography can be a means for women to create and disseminate their own sexual
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