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Chapter 18

SOC101Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Ableism, Ageism, GerontocracyPremium

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Correlation between social status and high
Higher family income = higher quality diet
Taller will each more, reach goals faster
Discrimination, taller treated better
Reciprocal relationship between weight and social class
The Body and Social Status
Socially give cues about status / personality
Economically: body enhancement - expensive clothing /
Tech: teeth, techniques to transfigure body
The Body and Society
Sociology of the Body
Society and the Human Body
People thought left-handed were evil
Definitions of disability differ across societies / history
Not necessarily based on biological differences
The Social Construction of Disability
Caring disabilities --> medical / technological intervention
Improve through care, training, education
Integrate into "normal" society
Others tried to eliminate / sterilize
Rehabilitation and Elimination
Routinely stigmatized, empty stereotypes
Largely unintended neglect of conditions
Replaced distinctness with normality - nothing wrong
Normality of Disability
Socialization --> learning new roles
Significance varies between societies
Distinct stages of life marked by rites of passage / rituals
Not only distinguished by norms, but also law
Some life course events are universal, but different
significances are attached
Aging and Life Course
Category of people born in the same range of years
Age roles are patterns of behaviour expected of people in
different age cohorts --> assume different throughout life
Age Cohort
Sociology of Aging
“Sociology of the Body: Disability, Aging and Death,” in Commit Sociology, vol
2 p138-162
Reading 2.7: The Body & Health
March 8, 2017
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