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Christian O.Caron

Chapter 1Introduction to Sociology Sociology systematic study of human behavior in social context Social causes are distinct from physical and emotional causes Understanding social causes can help clarify otherwise inexplicable features of famine marriage and so onOrganizations of social world opens some opportunitiescloses others constraining our freedomhelping make us what we are Sociology is motivated by a desire to improve the social world The Sociological Perspective The Sociological Explanation of SuicideEmile Durkheimo Suicide is more than individual act of desperation from psychological disordersuicide rates are strongly influenced by social forces o Psychological disorder ratessuicide rates did not correlate o More social solidaritymore anchored to the social world less likely to take own life if adversity strikeso Altruistic Suicide Results from norms very tightly governing behavior o Egoistic Suicide Results from lack of integration of the individual into society bc of weak social ties to others o Anomic Suicide Results from vaguely defined norms governing behaviorReason for increased suicide rates in youth o Places of worships attendance is down eg Church synagogue o Unemployment is up o Divorce rate is up o Sexual orientation is more diverse prone to harassment From Personal Troubles to Social StructuresPatterns of social relations affect your innermost thoughts influence actions shape youSocial Structure relatively stable patterns of social relations3 levels of social str
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