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Irving Zeitlin

Simmel The Metropolis and Mental Life Georg Simmel: One of the most significant classical works on the expected effects of urban life on individual social psychology and definition of self. Summary The Key Question: how did the human personality adapt and change to accommodate the new environment represented by the industrial city? * Metropolitan type of individual: Individuality, rationality, lack of emotionalism, specialization and compartmentalization 区分 . * Reasons: Money economy, division of labour, size of the area and the number of persons and so on. * Demonstration methods: compare Metropolis with small town. Part One: * The psychological basis of the metropolitan type of individuality consists in the intensification of nervous stimulation. * With each crossing the street, with the tempo and multiplicity of economic, occupational and social life, the city sets up a deep contrast with small town and rural life with reference to the sensory foundation of psychic life. * So the urban emphasis on rationality and money to deal with stress and other events. * It is said that the relationship between rationalism and money
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