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Christian O.Caron

- Educational achievement = the learning of valuable skills and knowledge (245) - Educational attainment = the number of years of schooling successfully completed or the degrees and certificates earned (245) - The development of the printing press, the Protestant Reformation, the spread of democracy, and industrialism led to the rise of mass schooling (246) - The printing press led to books being less expensive and written in vernacular instead of Latin, so parents wanted their children to learn to read (246) - Protestantism required people to be able to read the bible themselves instead of relying on the Catholic church to convey the doctrine (247) - When local populations acquired the democratic means to tax themselves, tax-supported schools arose (248) - Aproductive economy requires an education system large enough to create a mass labour force (248) - Assortative mating = when marriage partners are similar in various criteria of social rank (250) - Fuctionalists say that social institutions must perform certain functions to make industrialization possible (251) - Durkheim suggested that schools make society cohesive, particularly through creating cultural homogeneity by teaching that democracy and capitalism are the best systems and sharing cultural knowledge and identities (ex. a common history) (251) - To have mass schooling, a common language had to be created with its own grammar and conventions that performance would be measured against, instead of the regional dialects that most people had (251) - Fuctionalist perspective = schools create social cohesion (251) - Conflict theorists don’t believe that educational attainment is based on individual merit (252) - Education is a tool for social exclusion because some families can afford better schooling which will in turn allow their children to accrue more wealth, while other families can’t afford better schooling and are thus barre
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