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- Family = relationship in which people live together with commitment, form and economic unit, care for any young, and consider themselves significantly attached to the group (281) - Kinship = a social network of people based on common ancestry, marriage, or adoption (281) - In preindustrial societies, kinship determined the distribution and production of goods, the allocation of power, and the transfer of property (281) - In industrial societies, the state serves most of these goals, so families are responsible for socializing children, regulating sexual activity, and providing affection and companionship for family members (281) - Family of orientation = the family we’re born into where early socialization takes place (282) - Family of procreation = the family we form by having or adopting children (282) - Extended family = family unit composed of relatives in addition to parents and children who live in the household (282) - Nuclear family = one or two parents and their dependent children who live apart from other relatives (283) - Marriage = legally recognized and/or socially approved arrangement between two or more people that carries certain rights and obligations and usually involves sex (284) - Polygamy = the marriage of a person of one sex to two or more members of the other sex (284) - Polygyny = marriage of one man with two or more women (284) - Polyandry = marriage of one woman with two or more men (284) - The most common form of polyandry is two brothers marrying the same woman (284) - In industrial societies, kinship is gene
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