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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Brent Berry

Chapter 12Urban Canada Consumer Culture City Space and Urban LifeIntroductionCities have become increasingly known for their consumptionscapes the various sites and spaces of consumption and the range of consumerist activities they offerLandscapes of ProductionConsumer Culture and the CityConsumer Culture A specific form of material culture that emerged in the latter half of the twentieth century and is particularly characteristic of advanced industrial societyCharacterized by an emphasis on the design production and making use of cultural objectsAestheticization Intensification of cultural meaningmaking in relation to goods and servicesIn processes of aetheticization goods are imbued w symbolic attributes like hip or authenticExample Nike shoes are associated w empowerment success coolnessThe value of such of such products is in their symbolic significanceWhile a Gucci handbag has utilitarian function as a carrier of personal objects but its association w elegance and success and high class is of greater importance to the consumerCultural products and their symbolic meaningsApple products allow consumers to stylize themselves as creative youthful intelligent and hipCultural products are not only used to express individual identities but also serves as a social marker that indicates group belonging whether it be to the cool creative Macuser crowd a grouping of urban environmentalists or a national com
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