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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Brent Berry

Chapter 7 Immigration and Race in the CityIntroductionImmigrant representation is higher in urban areas295 of residents in the 11 largest Canadian cities are foreign bornHistory of ImmigrationBw 19001929 more than 1 million immigrants came to Canada each decade1990s more than 2million immigrants arrived largest number in any decade since 19th centuryEarly years of the last century form the 192040s most immigrants came form the British Isles and northwestern European countriesSouthern and Eastern European immigrants grew during the period before and after WWII large numbers from Italy and GreeceNumber of Asian immigrants rapidly increasedWhere Immigrants SettleAt the beginning of the last century most immigrants did not settle in citiesRecent immigrants have not settled evenly throughout Canadian citiesMajority settle in large citiesImmigrant pop of Toronto and Vancouver are highestCities in eastern Canada and in Saskatchewan have a smaller share of immigrantsRacial and Ethnic Composition in CitiesLarge number of individuals who reported only one ethnicity suggests strong ethnic
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