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Christian O.Caron

SOC101Y NOTES PoliticsPower ability to impose its will on others becomes legitimate authority under other circumstances they may become social movements nonauthorityNormal politics practised when authorities are firmly in powerPolitics beyond the rules practised when legitimacy of authority grows weakWebers three bases of authority traditional rulers inherit authority through family or clan legalrational derive from respect for law someone achieves office by following these laws and charismatic one claiming to be inspired by God or some higher principle often emerge from political revolutionState set of institutions that formulate and carry out a countrys laws policies and regulations the ultimate seat of power in societyWithin the state there is executive PM and Cabinet initiating law legislature Parliament making law judiciary courts interpreting law bureaucracy implementing law and coercive apparatus police and military enforcing law Within the civil society there are political parties lobbies mass media public opinion and social movementsNormal politicsPluralist theory democratic politics is about compromise and accommodation of all group interests because of heterogeneity Assumes that all major groups in society enjoy approximately e
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