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University of Toronto St. George
Christian O.Caron

SOC101Y NOTES- Education “Allophones”: people with neither English nor French background. School: shapes work, politics, etc.; starting point for sorting children into adult jobs and social classes; sometimes controversial because they endow young people with key capacities of communication, coordination and economic productivity; accomplishes 2 main tasks: homogenizing young people by socializing them into a shared culture and sorting them into different levels of certification and social classes. Sociologists examine three ways in which schools connect to society: • Through selection (e.g., process by which the structure of schooling feeds into broader patterns of social inequality) • Through socialization (e.g., schools pass along values and knowledge) • Through social organization (e.g., schools affect how we learn and help define different types of occupations) Educational achievement: learning of valuable skills and knowledge; in principle reflected in grades. Educational attainment: number of years of schooling completed or degrees earned. Spread of mass schooling: development of printing press, Protestant Reformation, spread of democracy and industrialism. Education achievement and attainment are rising in Canada and it is both a cause and effect of national wealth (education is not only a source of wealth, it is also a product of wealth). Sociological perspectives Functionalist: educational attainment and social ranking are regulated by performance based on individual merit; education is important for industrialization. • Latent function: schools create separate youth culture that can conflict with parents’ values, role conflict, surveillance system for children, means of maintaining wage levels, marriage market, and promote social change (“social dissent”). • Assortative mating: when marriage partners are selected so that spouses are similar on various criteria of social rank. • Manifest function: industrialism causes convergence of societies and social institutions developing according to a common pattern (must perform certain manifest functions to make industrialism possible); inclu
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