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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Study of Population

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Blair Wheaton

Chapter 1 Study of Population Population: Collectivity of people coexisting within a geographic territory at a given point in time. Demography: the study of population dynamics which investigate aggregate manifestations (fertility, mortality, migration). Census: Identifies the civilian population, total resident population and total population living abroad. Canada's census undercount is between 2-4%. 2 branches of demography: Formal demography -Quantitative study of population in terms of growth, distribution and development. Core questions are How many, What kind, where? Population studies - Emphasis on identifying determinants and consequences of demographic change. Core questions are How come and So What? Static perspective: Focuses on demographic conditions at a fixed point in time. Dynamic perspective: Change in demographic conditions over time. Demographic components equation: P2 = P1 + (natural increaset1,t2) + (net migrationt1,t2) Models of population growth: Linear- Assumes straight line progression over time. Rate of change is constant. geometric- Growth follows non-linear trend. Population rises gently at first, gradually picks up momentum producing increasing increments of population over time. Growth compounds in intervals. exponential- Growth follows non-linear t
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