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Chapter 9

SOC100 - Chapter 9 – Families

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Arnd Jurgensen

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Chapter 9 – Families Is the Family in Decline? - Referring to the decline of a nuclear family, one husband one wife and one child - Sociologists think that the fact that there is no stay at home mother usually is one of the reasons why there is raising rates of crime, illegal drug use, poverty, welfare dependency, etc. - However others argue it does not cause this at all Decreasing prevalence of traditional nuclear family and diversification has benefited many men, women, and children and have not harmed other children as much as functionalists think Functionalism and the Nuclear Ideal - Argue that nuclear is the ideal because it supports economic cooperation 1 breadwinner, 1 household, 1 child to keep the population alive 5 main things a traditional nuclear family provides: 1. Sexual Regulation - Nuclear family defines the boundaries where legitimate sexual activity is permitted *Ordinary* social life’ Although people still perform premarital and extramarital sex… 2. Economic Cooperation - “A man and a woman make an efficient cooperating unit.” - Men can specialize on the heavy stuff, women can specialize on the easy stuff, it balances out and synergizes well 3. Reproduction - Self explanatory really, this can only occur between a man and a woman - Children in the long, long, long run in the end, end up taking care of their parents when they are economically active, they are a huge economic incentive 4. Socialization - Socialization for other children, helps them grow into self-respecting individuals 5. Emotional Support - Family provides support, mainly the mother (the father can too… this is stupid and invalid) The Canadian Middle Class Family in the 1950s - It is believed that nuclear family has eroded
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