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SOC101 Textbook (New Society 6th ed) Notes Chapter 1

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCING SOCIOLOGY sociology systematic study of human behavior in social context y Social causes are distinct from physicalemotional causesSociological Perspective of Suicide suicide rate for Canada 13 suicides annually for every 100 000 people y Worlds highest rates are found in some countries of the former Soviet Union lowest rates are in some Caribbean islands and in parts of the Arab world Egypt Syria Palestine etc thmile Durkheim French sociologist at the end of 19 century demonstrated that suicide is more than an individual act of desperation resulting from psychological disorder he believed suicide is strongly influenced by social forces y Discovered that more women than men were in insane asylums but more males committed suicide than women y Jews had lowest suicide rate but had highest rate of psychological disorder y Suicide rate increase with age but psychological disorder happed frequently when person reaches maturity Durkheim believed that suicide rates vary because of differences in the degree of social solidarity in different groups social solidarity intensityfrequency of interactions bw group members and the extent of which they share same beliefs and values y The more social solidarity there is in a group individuals are more anchored to the social world and less likely to commit suicides y Eg unmarried adults commit more suicide than married adults y Women are less likely tocommit suicide bc they are usually more involved in family life y Jews are a defensive and close group bc of years of persecution egoistic and anomic suicide rates are high when social solidarity is low altruistic suicide is high when social solidarity is extremely high y Egoistic suicide results from lack of integration of individual to society y Anomic suicide occurs when norms governing behavior are not clearly defined y Altruistic suicide occurs when norms tightly govern behavior so individual actions are in the groups interest eg soldiers in war Indian burnings of wives with husbands today suicide rates do not increase with age but males still have higher rate than females rates highest for people bw ages 2060 y Church mosque etc attendance is down for young people y Unemployment is up especially for youth y Rate of divorce increasedSocial Structures social structure relatively stable patterns of social relations y Sociologists try to identify and explain connections bw peoples personal troubles and the social structures in which they are embedded three levels of social structures 1 Microstructures patterns of intimate social relations facetoface interaction eg families friendships work associations 2 Macrostructures patterns of social relations that lie outside and above your circle of intimates and acquaintances eg class relations and patriarchytraditional system of economic and political inequality bw women and men 3 Global Structures includes international organizations patterns of worldwide travel and communication and the economic relations bw countries Sociological Imaginationsociological imagination defined by C Wright Milles American sociologist as the ability to see the connection bw personal troubles and social structures
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