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Gender Inequality Notes

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Robert Brym

Chapter 7 Gender Inequality Economic and Political AspectsGender Inequality Social Roles Behaviors expected of people occupying particular social positionsthIn the 20 century enormous change in attitudes expectations behaviors and social roles of men and women in Canada Hierarchical asymmetries between women and men in But persistence of gender inequalitiesterms of distribution of power material wellbeing and prestige y In the 1950s womens roles were those of wives and mothers y In contrast men were expected to have paying jobs and be the provider for family as well as head of the household y Social scientists usually refer to inequalities between men and women as gender inequalities rather than sex inequalities because gender refers to the social meanings associated with being a man or a woman whereas sex refers to the biological characteristics of men and women y Gender is found in social roles in daily interactions and in institutions y Definition of gender inequalities does not imply men as individuals always have greater prestige wealth and power but that on average compared with women men have more wealth greater power and positions that are accorded higher prestigeGender Stereotypes Gender inequality is reinforced by Gender Stereotypes Set of prejudicial biologically based generalizations about men and women in terms of personality traits and behaviorPersistence of polarized gender stereotypes is supported by researchYet genderrelated identities and behaviors are largely socially constructed and continually altered through social interactiony Gives rise to notions of masculinity or femininity Cultural prescriptions for behavior based on biological sexSocially constructed nature of gender identities means gender identities 1Chapter 7 Gender Inequality Economic and Political Aspects Are not stable or fixedNeed not be congruent with sex assigned at birthAre not polar opposites despite notion of opposite sex but can operate on a continuum of masculinity and femininity Dimensions of Inequality Power Material Wellbeing and PrestigeCapacity to impose your will on others regardless of any resistance Power Material Wellbeing Involves access to economic resources required to pay for necessities of life and other possessions and advantagesPrestige Average evaluation of occupational activities and positions arranged in a hierarchyy Power involves the capacity to influence manipulate and control others and is exercised at the individual group and organizational levels y Important sources of material wellbeing Workrelated income and accumulated wealth y Prestige reflects the degree of respect honor or deference generally accorded to a person occupying a given position y Commonly two or more differently evaluated positions are described as having higher or lower prestige y These three dimensions power material wellbeing prestige are found in discussions of social stratification as wellExplaining Gender Inequality Feminism Body of knowledge about causes and nature of womens subordination to men in society and various agendasoften involving political actionfor removing that subordinationFeminist theories 1 Liberal Feminism 2 Marxist Feminism 3 Socialist Feminism2
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