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Chapter 17

New Society chapter 17

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Sheldon Ungar

New Society: Chapter 17 Health and Aging 1. Challenging commonsense beliefs about health and aging Life expectancy the number of years that the average person can expect to live During and after the depression and WWII living & working conditions were often hard, and servicesbenefits (health care, unemployment insurance, pensions) were limitednonexistent 2 areas of sociology: o The sociology of health and illness o The sociology of aging Aging tends to be linked to ill health health tends to be a major problem in later life, older adults account for much of the illness, disability, and health care utilization in any society 2. Individual and population aging People can now expect to live more than 20 yrs longer than if born in 1920 fact that almost everyone can expect to live to old age distinguishes our era from earlier historical periods Declines in the number and proportion of children in the population, the proportion of older persons necessarily increases Deaths in old age usually bc of chronic degenerative diseases circulatory diseases, heart disease, stroke cancer, respiratory diseases, & infectious diseases Increased longevity also means that illnesses and disabilities accompanying old age are more prominent and that different demands are placed on the health-care system than was the case when fewer people lived to old age Ageism prejudice based on age inclined to see old people as poor, frail, no interest in sexual relations, being socially isolated, lonely, lacking abilities to work... etc. This speaks to our treatment of older people as a social category and not necessarily to interpersonal antagonism. It exists because: o The segregation of young and old groups in society o Lack of knowledge and interaction o Younger peoples fears of their own future Medicalization the social and political process whereby more and more areas of life come under the authority and control of medicine www.notesolution.com
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