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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9My mothers pet theoryWhat is developmentDevelopment was an ideas at first until ww2 the idea grown into a fullblown projectAfter ww2development a process that generated economic growth industrailaization and modernization in regions and countries perceived to be poor traditional and undevelppedNowadays more complexmeaning progress for women empowerment of the underpriviledged and environmental sustainabilityTwo factors1cold war involved intense competition between two rival blocs to amass power by gaining influence and control over less developed countries2business interested in new markets outside their traditional operation places for geopolitical and economic reasonscapitalismTHE RELEVANCE OF DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL INEQUALITITES SOCIAL JUSTICE AND SECERITY1morally unacceptable for more than a billion people to earn a dollar or less a day2having so many people in the world but so little to sustain them unpleasant implications Personal security can not be divorces fro the living condition of our neignboursEARLY THEORIES OF DEVELOPMENTDevelopment ins stagesCharles Darwin debate in the natural sciences deepy influence social thinkers Just as animals and plants pass through stages of development so do societies1960s wwrostow stages of developmentBeginning society might be traditional undifferentiated and developed science and technology developsTakeoff occur when and increase in market transactions manufacturing and trade takes placeModernization theoryEmphasize the importance of value and norms as drivers of developmentDavid maclelland importance of entrepreurship Societies which encourage entrepreneurship are more likely to developImportance of other valuesneed for savings investment innovation and educationDevelopment happens when the citizens of the poor countries adopt the virtues of the developed noth otherwise they remain in the pathological undeveloped stateDependence theoryunderdevelopment as a process involving one area extracting surplus from other areas
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