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Chapter 3

Notes on Mazes Reading Chapter 3

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Notes on Moral Mazes
Chapter 3 – The Main Chance
-Corporations rely on schools to carry outcompetence hurdles
-The more promising a young manager the more probations he must go through
-Management positions are ordered and managers assigned a grade which
represents their position on the order
-It is necessary to have other higher ranking managers recognize and see ones
-It is also necessary to distance oneself from mistakes and blunders
-Management entails dependence on others.
-Striving for success is the moral imperative of the united states
-Not everyone has the burning desire to keep on assending
-Some managers settle into niches where they are free of the egoism of the upper
most echelons.
-A good corporation also needs people who will do the work day in and day out
and not need higher status or title changes.
-Managers who are happy will publicly say they are willing to be flexible and
-Public perception is very important to managers.
-Corporate bureaucracies do not only control ones work but their public
appearance and attitudes as well what is described in the reading as ones public
-Corporate bureaucracies socialize behaviours
oGreatly illustrated in the meeting between University recruiters and
College hopefuls out of highschool during recuiting expos
oProbations as a coercive socialization
Reification occurs through peer reinforcement
-Managers must possess high levels of self control with respect to their emotions
and intentions.
oHelps in a litigious society
oHelps guard against revealing secrets
-It is important to be perceived as a team player
oMake sacrifices
oPut in long hours when called upon
Strengthen social bonds
-Being thought of as versatile is key
-Team player means being a group contributor and sticking to one’s own role
-Your must align yourself with the dominant ideology of the moment
-The team play ideology can and often is co-opted by the boss to suit his needs and
have subordinates do as he wishes
-Original and unfiltered opinions can be construed as negativity or even disloyalty
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