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convicted rapists chapter summary- detailed

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Candace K.

Sociology Reading Convicted rapists- Justifications and excuses Excuses included appeals to forces outside their control, compelling them to rape Justifications attempted to present their behavior as situationally appropriate and used many rape stereotypes Wrong-doers attempt to reinterpret their actions through the use of a linguistic device by which norm-breaking conduct is socially interpreted They present the act in terms that are culturally appropriate and acceptable Excuses admit the act was bad or wrong but deny full responsibility, often through appeals to accident, biological drive or scapegoating Justifications accept responsibility for the act but deny that it was wrong Accounts are socially approved vocabularies that neutralize the act or its consequences Culture is in this context a set of cognitive constraints which people must relate as the form lines of conduct 83% of 114 convicted rapists did not see themselves as rapists Admitters acknowledge they have forced sexual acts upon people and define it as rape Deniers eschewed sexual contact or all association with the victim Some deniers excuse their behavior by claiming women enjoy being raped or by referring to drug and alcohol abuse METHODS AND VALIDITY By examining the pre-sentencing reports by the offender, researchers found very little variation in the tale of the crime told by the offender Some men denied their crimes at trial but admitted them to researchers There were big differences between the accounts told by the offender and the police and victim Deniers interviews varied significantly from victim and police reports Deniers put more blame on the victims JUSTIFYING RAPE Tried to justify their actions by presenting the victim in a manner that www.notesolution.com
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