gender differences in gangs detailed summary notes for the reading

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24 Mar 2011
Gender and victimization risk among young women in gangs
Sociology reading
January 11, 2011
Gang involvement exposes youth to victimization risk and it does so in
gendered ways
One way young women can decrease their risk of being harmed by rival
gangs is to not participate in masculine activities such as fighting and
committing crime
The problem with that though is that they may be seen as lesser
members of their groups and might be subject to victimization within
their gangs
There is strong evidence that delinquent lifestyles are associated with
increased risk of victimization
Gangs are social groups that are organized around delinquency
Participation in gangs has shown to increase youths involvement in
crime, especially violent crime
Primary targets of this crime are usually other gang members
Research shows that young women in gangs have histories of
victimization before gang involvement
It is also said that young women may turn to gangs as a means to
protect themselves from violence and other problems in their families
and also from mistreatment of men in their lives
Many young women in gangs live in impoverished underclass
communities where violence is associated with inequality, segregation
and isolation
Crack markets have intensified in the degradation of women
Adolescence is an important stage for girls, it is when their connection
with peers become strongest and they become self-conscious and
sensitive to others perception of them
Shift from asexual to sexual for adolescents
Actions taken to resist oppression can ultimately result in increased
One study found that adolescent involvement in delinquent lifestyles
strongly increases the personal and property victimization risk
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