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basok - Article Reading

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University of Toronto St. George
Paul Glavin

BASOK Article - Captive Labour - mexican workers brought to work in ontario agriculture fill the gap left by canadian workers. - they are willing to accept minimum wage for for that is monotonous, and detrimental - they are available to work long hours every day, dont need to take time off work even when they are sick or injured - Bonacich defines the ‘price of labour’ as the total cost of labour to the employer, includ- ing, in addition to wages, the cost of recruitment, transportation, room and board, edu- cation, and health care, and the cost of labour unrest. - recruitment of mexican workers is handled by the mexican ministry of labour with some assistance from farms. - using contract hiring - which uses social networks to provide an unlimited supply of eager new immigrant applicants. - job vacancies can filled up almost immediately without the need for ad- verts, hence saving a lot for the employers - it also allows employers to attract applicants who are already ‘pre- screened’ - as referred by workers are usually in the same set of mind - mexican workers do not confront their employers about job r
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