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Chapter Eleven

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Bonnie Fox

Chapter Eleven: stress, conflict, and abuse across the life course: – universal taboo is not neglecting children, but sexually abusing them Origins and explanations of harmful dysfunction: Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology: – sociobiology concerned with examining the combination of sociobiological and biological factors to explain human behavior – men are more concerned with short-term strategies than are women, but both must come to consensus in order to survive Psychological Explanations: – borderline personality organization – unstable sense of self, uncomfortable being alone, suffering from abandonment anxiety, having intense anger, being demanding and impulsive, and usually connected to substance abuse and promiscuity – situational couple violence: distinct from the more severe category of intimate terrorism in that it tends to be less severe and more mutual Family Theory Explanations: – family development theory: systematic and patterned changes the families experience over life course Stress, Conflict, and abuse across the life course: – ABC-X model: focuses on how families deal with stressors to the family system – double ABC-X model: time is introduced to capture both the multiple concurrent stressors that may be present in the family system and the stressors that may be occurring sequentially across the life course Circumplex Model: – built on interaction of three empirically identified important dimensions of family functioning: cohesion, flexibility, and communication. + cohesion: amount of phyiscally and emotional connectedness that a family experiences + flexibility: measure of family's level of comfort with role rigidity Summary of Key Points: – despite all of its good qualities, the family also has a negative side that ranges from increased stress to intimate violence and abuse – the nature vs nurture debate is important in the context of interfamily dysfunction. Why do people who share the same genetic material or who commit themselves to one another harm each other? – Two important family theories used to understand the negative side of family behavior are family development theory and the family stress theory – ABC-X model of family stress through research on families' adjustment to the absence of fathers during Wwii and their eventual return +Aas provoking event/stressor, B as family's resources or strengths at time of event, and C as meaning attached to the event by family. X represents stressor and crisis. – Circumplex model identifies three dimensions of flexibility, cohesion, and communication as foundational in examining how st
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