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Chapter 18

NS Chapter 18 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Sheldon Ungar

New Society- Chapter 18: Politics and Social Movement In the chapter you will learn that: The level of democracy in a society depends on the capacity of citizens to influence the state through their support of political parties, social movements, and other groups. That capacity increased as power becomes more widely distributed in society. The degree to which power is widely distributed influences the success of particular kinds of parties and policies. People sometimes riot, strike and take other forms of collective action to correct perceived in justices. When they do so, that are participating in social movements. People are more inclined to rebel against the status quo when they are bound by close social ties to other people who feel similarly wronged and when they have the money and other resources needed to protest. For social movements to grow, members must make activities, ideas, and goals of the movement congruent with the interests, beliefs and values of potential new recruits. The history of democracy is a struggle for the acquisition of constantly broadening citizenship rights. Intro 1968 was the year that student riots in France nearly caused the fall of the govt of Charles de Gaulle. The suppression of student strikes by the Mexican govt left dozens of students dead. American students at their universities fought for free speech on campuses. An end to American involvement in the war in Vietnam, increased civil rights for American blacks, and an expanded role for women
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