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Chapter 4

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Lina Samuel

Irony:6On8oWnefhand,nwomenhareagauiningrsignificantigaions inmemployment opportunit The.persistoencerofainequityebetwteencmenfandjwomenrinrethetlabourdforceeisiaittribu contributiomnaofohouseholdsstontheeseconomy,hwhichocankebeiseencevendpriorotothindus Heraresearcnh.indicates that public and private spheres of market and household h intertwined in diverse ways during all phases of economic development, with wome performing pivotal roles. Ex. Early OntarioÕs economy based on two staple exports timber,nsubject to unstable international markets. However, it was women that ge familydincome by producing agricultural goods to sell in the local consumer mark Asrfactorietshsprangsinrtheo19thiccentury, more women entered the workforce to do Unpaidldomeasticrlabour: focuses only on paid employment, undermine the work acti Evenaasrwomeonfaremin theoworkforsce,imostlyisingle women who were expected to ret ÒdoubletdayhÓeoroÒsecond shiftÓeweherebyimarried women spend their days in paying jobs yet still assume the responsibilities of child care and domestic chores when they ge ÒFamily wageÓ: working men organizing unions for better wages as wages should be hig enough to allow male breadwinner. Employers in response limit employment of sing 1.oAlthougheswidespreadsparticipattioneinatherpaidslaboukrnforceois)recentadevvelopm 2.vWomenÕssemntry intonpaid emploiymentooccurredoinmways that reproduce their subord Humanicapitaslotheory-skillseand mtraining make a person fit for a job, including experience.ndTheoretical perspective assumes a jobÕs rewards are determined by econ contribution. It assumes that the labor market participants are all competing fo openblabour smarket. When it comes to selectrion, employers make rational decisio on ansassessment of an individual;Õs ability. For a job seeker to get additional e ducation is to investrin:tWheirnhumanpcampital. Human capital model emphesizes the supply side o markets, overlooking the behaviour of employers, which is the demand side. Famil schools and other institutions that shape labour market outcomes must be conside Femaleiemplowymenteis virtuallyjabstrend in all countries, Canada experienced the 1.aBecomingesmore educatedewhichmeraised occupational aspirations, making them mor 2,mExpansionwiofhwhite-collarjsecmtorkjobs boosts demand for female labour (trend 3.bShrinkinegrfamilyesizetwhichwamllowedtmarriedywomenontoipursueeemployment more r 4.dRising separation and divorce rates which forced women to find their own sour ¥¥cÒmaternagl wallsÓ andnÒglasswcieilingsÓ (subtledbarroiersetoeadvancement that persist despit formal policies designed to eliminate them) still play an equally large role in ¥¥rDomesticearesponsibilitiesalimrit women availabilityhoforepaid workskeepinagsmanymmars ¥¥mMartinaMceissner:lstudysino197h0smfoundathat decrease in leisure time for British C touhouseworekthasaincreasedsthrouvghrtheoyears.aIntaddibtion,uyoungerwuniverssityowoributed havetlessttraditional roles. As well as more egalitarian patterns in same-sex ho ¥¥iWomenwmohreglikelyitoÓbehthenonteoproviding eldercaree,aaswwellaasybeingrtghenonesito of more hours relative to men TransnationWalmcaregivingyandtÒstratified hierarchies of reproductionÓ in which profe couples hire working class women or women from countries elsewhere to provide pa ÒstalledereavolutionÓ:eWorkplaces remain inflexible in the face of fam
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