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Chapter 5


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Robert Brym

SOCIETY AS A LIFE OR DEATH ISSUE- CHAPTER 5 The social bases of cancer The scope of the problem 1) There is an association between smoking and lung cancer 2) Tabacco kills half of lifetime users 3) Cancer incidence rate: number of cases per 100 000 people- to remove the effect of population growth from our comparison- compare the number of cancer cases among the same number of people, even though the population as a whole has increased 4) Age standardized incidence rate: at different points- manipulating the data so that the age distribution of the population at the later time point is the same as at the earlier time point 5) We declared a war on cancer, and cancer won 6) Mortality rate: the number of deaths per 100 000 people- been declining slowly as medical researchers develop new tests for early detection 7) Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada 8) 40% of women and 45% of men will develop cancer- 24% of women and 29% of men will die of the disease The genetic revolution 9) 2000: new hope for war on cancer 10) first draft of human genome 11) Dr. Francis S Collins- within a decade, genetic tests would be available, allowing doctors to identify and treat people with predispositions to particular diseases even before they showed signs of illness 12) Genes by themselves are responsible for just 5 to 10 % of all cancers and a substantially smaller percentage of cancers in people over the age of 25 13) Environmental factors are also important causes of cancer 14) Environment: anything that people interact with, including exposures resulting from.. what we eat, drink or smoke The cancer paradox: 15) If environmental carcinogens cause more than 90% of the genetic mutation that causes cancer, we can win the war on cancer by eliminating the offending substance
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