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Chapter 1

Reading for Week 1. Book: Social Problems, Chapter: 1

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Chapter 1: What are social problems? Social problem: a social condition or pattern of behaviour that is believed to warrant public concern and collection action. Struggles everywhere over issues and inequalities. Social rallies dont merely represent identities and personal interests; these are efforts to change broader social political and economic relationships. The terrain is full with actor and activists trying to influence our views and political lives. Sociology forces us to make connections among problems in seeking answer to the problems faced by Canadians. Sociology and the study of social problems. Early sociology was the study of S.Ps About social changes, conflict and cohesion. Rise of sociology came with the rise of modern societies; and with the idea of progress, progress meant the possibility of social improvement or social amelioration. They believed social life could be imporoved by studying social issues, social research as diagnosing social problems and for inventing and evaluating solutions. Social conflict could be resolved in just ways. We want to take part in a struggle against theses social problems. Objective and Subjective Elements Objective Elements: measureable features of a negative social condition. Systematic measurements show that the condition exists and that it harms ppl. Statistics about crime, sexual abuse, pollution, poverty.we can count and measure their incidence. Do not reach a conclusion; like SEs. Subjective Elements: peoples evaluations of objective conditions and the processses tha influence their evaluations. Moral labels; wrong, inmoral, sick. Moral or aesthetic judgements reflects peoples beliefs and tastes. The subjective aspects of social problems affect and reflect our emotional reactions to information(OE) we receive about the world. Sociologist, by bringing together the objective and subjective elements, we can define a social problem. www.notesolution.com
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