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Chapter 3

Reading for Week 4. Book: Social Problems, Chapter: 3

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University of Toronto St. George

SP3: Race and Ethnic relations Ethnic groups; see them as created by social interactions, formed through process of inexclusion around symbol of realimagined descent; s.a language, rituals, folklore (all these can be learned, thus ethnic boundaries can be remarked, unmade). Culture; values and practices that frame ppls lives (which may adapt to socio-historical contexts) (language, norms of behaviour, foods, beliefs, etc). Ethnicity is constantly changing. Multiculturalism in Canada Inmigration has been important throughout Canadian history (thus important political issue). Canadas Multiculturalism Act (1971), Royal commission on biculturalism and bilingualism, official languages act. Minority group leaders argued that cultural assimilation (ex-policy) was unjust. They also deserved Canadian citizenship (charter groups) and institutions were asked to recognize and reflect the multiculturalism in their policiesprograms. Canadas cultural mosaic. Traditional Multiculturalism(TM); concerned with preserving the rights of minority people. Modern Multiculturalism(MM); concerned with the survival of multicultural groups. TM focuses particularly on fighting biasing against when job-searching; whereas MM focuses on promoting and giving preference in the hiring process to minorities, some then wonder who are the disadvantagedminorities (whites, males) due to MMs promotion. View: promoting multiculturalism could be the source of ethnic conflict and racism in Canada. Vertical Mosaic Coined by Porter (1965), describes the stratification of social class, with EnglishFrench Canadians at the top and minorities across through the bottom. Due to specific workforce selective immigration by the Canadian government. The pattern in which ethnic groups arrived determined the kinds of jobs they would get and status. Eg.railroad workers from Asia, Caribbean, etc. The entrance status (occupational status) would stick with the ethnicity, as lack of educational institutions. Different story today w inmigrants. VM due in part to: (1) Chain migration into the mosaic-. The successful migration of 1 family member creates a chain www.notesolution.com
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