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Chapter 6

Reading for Week 5. Book: Social Problems, Chapter: 6

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SP6: Age Groups Relations Introduction Ppl practice ageism; direct or indirect discrimination against ppl based on their age. Everyone ages, everyone will experience it. Cross cultural Attitudes to Aging Usually; age brought respect, authority, etc. Modernizationindustrialization brought ability for ppl to move on their own, less available and rely on parents. Western cultures reveres youth, other cultures revere elderly as wise. Stereotypes tend to be wrong; 1-2% of 65-74 live in institutions. Media creates self-fulfilling prophecy of seniors. Life Course Glen Elder. Life course rests on 5 assumptions; 1. Human development and aging are lifelong processes (understand the developmental pathway) 2. The developmental antecedents and consequences of life transitions, events and behaviour patterns very according to their timing in a persons life 3. Lives are lived interdependently and socio-historical influences are expressed through this network of shared relationships. 4. The life course of individuals is embedded in and shaped by the historical times and places they experience over their lifetime 5. Individuals construct their own life courses through the choices and actions they take within the opportunities of history and social circumstances (though 4 is important, we ultimately have choices) The life course is a patterned sequence of experiences over time, subject to social, www.notesolution.com
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