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Chapter 5

Reading for Week 6. Book: Social Problems, Chapter: 5

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University of Toronto St. George

SP5: Sexualities Introduction Public discussion of alternative sexualities are influenced by thinking of human rights. The general view on homosexuality has shifted over generations. Ppl consider anti-homosexual behaviour a social problem, violation of human rights, laws. Sexual orientation Homosexuality, sexual orientation, Queer( anyone not hetero) Old View: View on sexuality as fixedbinary. Alfred Kinsey (40s50s) showed human sexual orientation is a continuum. Sexual desires are somewhere in the continuum. Ppl afraid to act on their real sexual desires for fear of stigmatizationrejection. Numbering the homosexual pop. Survey; 18-59yo, 1% homo, 0.7% bisexual, (1.3% men, 0.7% women) McCabe study on prevalence of substance abuse among heterohomosexuals. Aside finding; 2%gaylesbbi, 4% had 1 same-sex partner in lifetime, 6% same-sex sexual attraction. The definition of sexual orientation greatly affects the risk of substance abuse. Gender Binary and Transgendered People Ppl used to a strict gender binary and uncomfortable when ppl dont fit their expected social identity as female transgendered ppl, social identity doesnt match their sex. Very broad terms, encompases intersexed, transvestites. Some do not feel they belong to the LGBT community due to different experiences (ie. Heterosexual transgereds) Coming out The disclosure of ones sexual identity. A person must come out before becoming part of the LGBT community, a transition to the homosexual world. Also, ppls identities are linked to the social roles they www.notesolution.com
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